Busch & Muller IXON Core
  • 3h 00min reported battery life
  • Flood
  • DE Made in DE
  • 112 g
  • no flash mode
  • no pulse mode
  • 2 brightness levels
  • internal Lithium batteries
  • battery level indicator
  • micro usb rechargeable
  • Included mounts: Slide-on

Busch & Muller's battery-powered headlight series is the IXON line. These lights use similar optics to their renowned dynamo-powered lights, but do not require an expensive and difficult-to-install dynamo hub.

The Ixon Core is B&M's first all-in-one light powered by an integrated rechargeable lithium battery. Its custom optics reflect the light directly towards the road, providing an even output that doesn't waste light shining into the sky or the eyes of oncoming traffic.