Serfas Orion Blast Taillight
  • 85 claimed lumens
  • 1h 00min reported battery life
  • Be-seen
  • 55 g
  • flashing mode
  • pulse mode
  • 3 brightness levels
  • internal Lithium batteries
  • micro usb rechargeable
  • Included mounts: Strap

The new Serfas Orion lights are high-visibility lights with a large illuminated surface area.

The Orion Blast taillight features the new Serfas Blast audible low battery warning. This light contains 70 micro LEDs, with some in red and some in amber. In steady burn mode it can go up to 85 lumens for 1 hour, but in pulsing mode it can alternate red and amber at 150/70 lumens for 1:15 hours, flash red at 150 lumens for 8 hours, or run over 10 hours in the lower settings.