Planet Bike Blaze 2W
  • 146 claimed lumens
  • 5h 00min reported battery life
  • 10h measured battery life
  • Spot
  • 144 g
  • flashing mode
  • no pulse mode
  • 2 brightness levels
  • internal AA batteries
  • removable battery
  • Included mounts: Slide-on
  • Optional mounts: Helmet

Series review: Planet Bike's time-tested headlight series

Review by , Sept. 12, 2013, midnight

All of Planet Bike's Blaze headlights share similar designs and features, and use the same mount. The main pros and cons apply to all three lights.


  • Better side visibility than some other lights, due to the cut-away on the side that lets light through.
  • SuperFlash pattern is very attention-grabbing.
  • Has high and low brightness settings.
  • Easy on/off mounting, but mount stays on bike, so it’s harder to transfer between bikes.
  • Planet Bike donates 25% of their profits to cycling advocacy!
  • Replaceable AA batteries.


  • Non-rechargeable (unless you use your own rechargeable batteries).
  • Mount is not as sturdy as some other manufacturers.
  • Poor voltage regulation: light dims as the battery wears down. This is improved significantly in the Blze 2W Micro compared to the other Blaze lights.